Indiana University School of Physical Education and Tourism Management

"Three years ago we retained the services of Victor Figlin to completely redesign our web pages. Victor is very easy to work with and has effectively translated our message into very attractive web pages. We do not believe our inordinate increases in enrollment the past three years has been coincidental, but due in part to Victor´┐Żs extraordinary work."

P. Nicholas Kellum, Dean

Indianapolis Russian Sunday School

"Our homepage was in a very sad state for a period of time. It lacked the right look and feel, and the navigation was not intuitive. That's when Victor came to the rescue and after a few short conversations about the requirements, he came up with a prototype, which incorporated all of our needs. Thanks to Victor's skills, the site is up and running again. Any updates or new requirements are getting implemented almost in no time. We feel that the Indianapolis Russian Sunday School site is now in very capable and safe hands. Thanks Victor!"

Katya Klauz, Music Teacher

Carmel Comprehensive Dental Care

"I really appreciate all you have done to make my business card. The design is very nicely done and everybody who sees it, likes it."

Alex Balaban, D.D.S.

Daria Zykova

"Please accept my warmest compliments and amazement with your talented work"

Daria Zykova

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